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Hi! I'm Delilah,

Quest Coherence intention is to help humanity shift consciousness and to help clients awaken in the heart. To understand the identification of the self. To get into the state of Coherence we must understand how to breatheQuest Coherence means finding coherence, finding peace, finding the state that allows you to stay in your heart every day.

Where are we breathing from?

Breathing can help us heal, help us become more aware.


We are energetic beings who are waking up towards the awareness of the self. We have principles at QuestCoherence and they are; breathing, awareness, gratitude, kindness, ethics, ambition, courage and healing. Ethics means doing the right thing, and being aware of our decisions as human beings, which affects humanity as a whole. We live up to our principles and have the integrity to maintain them in our lives. The heart and mind are two very powerful tools, together when met, can help one person make conscious decisions.


We offer Spiritual Coaching sessions that can help our clients shift their mindset physically, emotionally and spiritually. Whether it is leaning towards gaining an ECO lifestyle or learning about psychology, we share with our clients the very information that can help them change their lives. We also offer free meditation recordings and we also share information about nutrition, healing techniques, spirituality, fitness, health, beauty, and consciousness. Quest Coherence is here to be present with your shift towards becoming more conscious in your lifestyle. We also offer a monthly magazine that you can purchase for $10.99 in which shares information about what QuestCoherence is and details what becoming awakened means. We also put our clients needs first. We also offer articles through our questcoherenceblog, our content that can help you build a better lifestyle for yourself and your surroundings.

Change starts with you, what is inside of you has a dramatic and simple effect towards the outer you. You can make one decision today is to lean towards the life you love. What if you woke up and you realized change is possible, and you are the creator of your reality? What would the life you dream of look like? Does it resonate with integrity, are you aligned with your integrity? Quest Coherence can help you manifest your dreams and help you add positive fuel towards your vision. The vision of living the life you love. That's our goal here, to help you stay and maintain coherence in your heart, and help you find the meaning of health, love and a coherent heart.


- Delilah


Be free to contact us if you have any questions or you're interested in a partnership with QuestCoherence.